Discovering Great Art

What Is Great Art?

If you believe great art is what can be sold, you have come to the wrong place. Art is the last of the inefficient markets, and salesmanship can drive prices, regardless of value. Rather, we strive to identify art that has the potential to stand the test of time. Only then will it be preserved by caregivers and have a chance to participate in art history.

The Benefits Of Discovery

Benefits await those who correctly judge great art. Among these are the enjoyment of imagery that lives and will not grow stale with time. Financial benefits may accrue through adept acquisitions at affordable prices. A well conceived collection assembly, maintenance and documentation strategy, is an investment for future generations.

How We Fit In

By selecting great art and applying our skills at art market research, doumentation and journalism, we add value for collectors, artists and for those participating in and enjoying the benefits of art. Morever, we contribute to an important role of art in society: reminding an information age that some truths are aesthetic.