Art Advisor

Art advisor services include a complete range of collection management and supporting services for:


*  Top private art collectors.  You know who you are.  We will not waste your time and assure you the world-class knowledge and reasons that your collection deserves;


 New art collectors. Your enthusiasm is contagious.  If you need tailored and professional guidance to build, test and hone your collection instincts, you have come to the right place; and


 International collectors.  If you seek access to the unpublished artistic troves in the United States and the West to add to your holdings, our experience in Europe goes back to the 1970s and our first trip to China was in the mid 1990s.  We hope that you might also share treasures from your native lands with Western institutions, buyers and collaborators. 


Contemporary painting and contemporary artists, including Chinese Contemporary art, remain our core areas of expertise. We can help fill those precious square feet of wall space with timeless selections from the most famous painters to under-recognized artist talent that has mainstream art potential.


We use a strong international art network to access artwork in all medium categories including sculpture, prints, mixed media, video art, and installations.  We generally exclude most ancient art, antiques and other luxury goods categories.


Our compensation for these services is either fee based as art advisor or transaction-based at comparable market rates. Please contact us for a telephone consultation and evaluation of your needs prior to any billing or expense incurred.


Services include:

Art Book and Collection Publishing

Artbooks.  For artists, curators and art project managers interested in published monographs and artbooks usually reserved for the very few, we are an art publications turnkey solution. Depending on the scope, budget and distribution objectives of each project, we assemble teams of exceptional art journalists, photographers and layout experts to create the document that is best suited for accomplishing our objectives.  We arrange manufacturing with high quality associates and distribution both online and through a network of traditional distribution channels.


Art Catalogs and Marketing Materials.  Some collections and exhibitions are worth documenting in a more formal way for your personal enjoyment, for public distribution, or for an art or financial transaction. We provide collection publications, from simple paperback manuals to large format hard-back collector’s editions with essays from connoisseurs and recognized art authors and journalists.


Art Business and Finance

Business plans.  Becoming an art dealer or art advisor?  Or are you an entrepreneur, corporate manager, or artist in need of a structured approach to business planning and presentation?   We offer complete, print-ready business plans for a wide range of art industry sub-sectors, including fine art, fashion, and the performing arts.  Our business plans include products and services analysis, marketing plans, operating and expansion strategies, competitive analysis and detail financial projections.


Art Loans.  Several recognized financial institutions and other lesser known groups specialize in art-based asset lending and art insurance. We have worked with or have contacts at most such art finance institutions and are skilled in the documentation, appraisal process and procedures involved in representing you during the often complex processes of art financial transactions.


Art Venture Financing.  For special situations we provide investment banking and private equity financings for art projects and ventures.

Art Sales

Art Collection Additions and Sales.  Our global network among collectors, art advisors, dealers, curators, auction houses and alternative asset investors provides ample access to un-shopped art objects for sale.  We also take sell-side mandates to find new homes on the most favorable terms available for your prized art objects.


Our policy is zero conflict of interest with our clients without exception. We discuss the level of discretion required for each assignment and strictly abide by the mutually agreed upon strategy for professional execution.


We are able to recommend specialists and oversee your needs for framing, shipping, installations and storage solutions, regardless of global location.

Art Collection Archiving

Collection Cataloging and Archiving.  There are several information systems that we use for collection cataloging and we tailor the most efficient program for your unique collection management needs. The quality of research, photography, data entry and record maintenance is often the difference between the ease of integrating your information into other professional formats for publishing, appraising, insurance, lending and taxes. 


We are turnkey providers for all aspects of data collection and entry, photography and computer programming.  When specialists, such as appraisers and insurers are required, we  enter  their respective reports for ease of access to the archiving system.  We are available on an advisory set-up basis and/or for ongoing execution.

Art Market Research

Art Industry Reports.  Aggregating and interpreting art industry economic and sales information is a specialty in itself and we have extensive experience in art market research and auction market data. We customize reports related to industry trends, collector categories, specific art objects or entire collections that are useful for your own analysis of valuation,  put the recommendations of your art advisor into context, to support discussions with appraisers, insurers, lenders, and for other art transactional needs.

Art Auctions

Auction Market Representation.  As an alternative to selling in the private market, identifying the most beneficial auction venue for your art objects may be a complex and time consuming process, depending on the nature of the art and your liquidity needs. Our extensive auction sales and cataloging experience is a valuable resource for negotiations about estimates, reserve prices, commission levels and positioning of your art objects within the auction itself.


For buyers at auction, as art advisor we discuss purchasing strategies, financing options and are available on auction day for bidding and execution.  We supervise the orderly transfer of art objects to and from the auction venue.