Art business center of the world, New York City, is our home.

Art Business

“Art Business”, for us, is not an oxymoron.  It is our professional perspective and value add for clients and business associates. 


Based in New York City for over 30 years, we draw on deep fine art industry knowledge, senior management experience at art and financial institutions, collection management resources for art collectors at any stage, art market research skills and tools, and  expert art business strategic business plans that solve practical problems. 


We view the language of business and the language of art as the digital and the analog, respectively – or let’s say the quantitative and the qualitative.  Either way, we speak both languages and are there to interface on your behalf with you and parties you may encounter in your art-related pursuits.


Our business creed is to produce the highest quality products and art advisor services with uncompromising integrity.  Let be the art muse and art business consulting group that gives you the edge and polish to bring out the full potential of your collection.


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My Art Collection


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My Art Business


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