1990s Art of Renee Radell


Artist Bio highlights. The 1990s art of Renee Radell developed from expressionist social commentary painting to her version of a visual modern morality play using symbolism, surrealism and myth to convey allegories about human enigmas, tragedies and glory. During this time, she created  her most extensive painting series, the Puppet House. This playful excursion into the artist’s imagination depicts inanimate studio props coming to life while “reason” is held hostage amidst a world “more full of weeping than you can understand” (from Y.B. Yeats).


Radell expanded to capacious creations on canvas in her 1990s art despite the limitations of a confined New York City studio. She was nevertheless able to produce monumental works such as the Night Parade in Flanders triptych, a culmination of European studies and landscape impressions, social commentary, and humorous reference to life’s carnival.


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1990s Art Featured Artist Renee Radell


Has one person exhibition of 15 large allegorical works, “Morality Plays”, at Access Gallery in Manhattan's Soho art district..

1990s Art


Brattleboro Museum in Vermont features allegorical series in Radell’s first one-person museum exhibition. • Exhibits The Carousel at a curated invitational exhibition of American art at the Mona Bismarck Foundation in Paris, France.

1990s Art

1992 - 94

Participates in group exhibitions in New York, Boston, France and Japan. • Commences work on a mixed media series integrating images of studio items with puppets, later entitled The Puppet House.

1990s Art


Has solo exhibition at Silverstein Gallery in Soho, Manhattan which features The Puppet House. • Travels to Belgium where she is inspired by Brueghel and Van Eyck works in the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent . Begins major triptych based on fantasy parade.

1990s Art

Late 1990s

Prolific studio work in New York and Western Europe with selective group exhibitions. • Creates European visual journal culminating in mural-scale triptych “Night Parade in Flanders”.

1990s Art
1990s Art