The oeuvre of Renee Radell has both delighted and challenged audiences for more than 70 years, .  Her long list of public and private exhibitions commences in the 1950s and extends until the present time.  In addition to always achieving  acclaim among art critics, equally the artist values and has earned the esteem of her fellow artists.  Her paintings are in numerous private and institutional collections in the Americas and Europe.  Several art museums, including the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Walter P. Chrysler Museum, have also purchased her paintings.


Renee Radell’s lifetime oeuvre is vast and diverse.  For example, although she favors linen and canvas, she has been very productive on paper, board, collage and new materials.  Media ranges from her staple oil paint to watercolor in early years, acrylic, spray, mixed media and also sculpture and clay figurines.  


Subject matter is primarily representational art, of course including her signature social commentary art. In fact, Radell also moves effortlessly through still life, landscapes, and portraits.  Moreover, key pieces from her strong foray into abstract art since 2010 rival some of her best figurative art.


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Predmore Press: Artist Representative


Predmore Press represents the artwork of Renee Radell, We encourage visitors to examine examples of each genre using the following index.  However, our archives include a full accounting of both the lifetime oeuvre and also available work, including hundreds of unique works on paper and limited edition prints.


Moreover, we suggest review of the monogaph published by Predmore Press in 2016 titled Renee Radell Web of Circumstance by Eleanor Heartney.  This art book includes Heartney’s valuable insights and detailed analysis of the oeuvre for art researchers, art curators and art collectors.  Therein, she references the questions posed by Linda Nochlin in 1971 “Why have there been no great women artists?“.  In sum, we conclude with Heartney that indeed, Renee Radell has a place in the canons of American contemporary art history.


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